Candice Martel was born in France, began her training as a ballet dancer in Geneva, Switzerland. At the age of 16, spotted for her Tap Dance skills in addition to the Ballet, she joined the Grand Théâtre de Genève under the direction of Alfredo Arias. Dreaming of musical theater, she moved in 1992 to New York to complete her training. She met many Tap dancers at the emblematic Jam of "La Cave" (Savion Glover, Jimmy Slide, Brown Buster, Gregory Heinz, Roxanne Butterfly). Back in Europe, she danced in musicals in Germany, Belgium and France. She has been dancing and singing for more than 10 years on Broadway Shows such as Buddy Holly Story, My Fair Lady, Grease and Singing in the Rain. During this period, she also worked with the choreographer Redha Benteifour that the moment where she took a contemporary turn and she began to collaborate with contemporary artists in development as Cirquons Flex, Cirque Leroux, Sergio Grondin by developing a new system of traveling residency to perfect the techniques of artists. Today, Candice Martel is based in Paris and collaborate with the Tap-Master Roxanne Butterfly from New-York regularly for Event or Workshop. Since 2016 Candice Martel been Teaching in Berlin, Paris, Stockholm, Prague, Ouagadougou for International Tap Dance Work-Shop. In parallel, she organized, the Berlin Tap Jam to which she invited the biggest Tap Master from Europe and New York. She also conducts research with her collaborator sound designer Arnaud Bertrand around new sound technologies to discover new environments for tap-dance. Since beginning 2018, to express her questions about the discriminations and/or the obstacles that a woman encounters around the world, she starts a creation of solo documentary performance: Being Born a Girl.